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Amituofo. Welcome to the Shaolin Kung Fu Ireland
 Teaching Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu , Chi Gong and Philosophies of the Shaolin Temple
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Learn Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Temple China 

Shaolin kung fu ireland

Welcome to Shaolin Kung Fu Ireland. Our main goal is to always achieve a high level of student Self Confidence , Co-ordination , Attitude  with the Traditional  Training and Skills that we provide. Our traditional  approach has effectively tried and tested over 2000 years. We’re thrilled you’ve decided to visit us - please browse our site to discover what we’re all about.




Shaolin Kung Fu Ireland was founded by  ( Shi De Xue ) 31st Generation name given by his Shifu Shi Su Xing. The Center teaches Chan philosophy or Action Meditation, continuing the tradition as founded by Bodhidharma in the year 527. The Shaolin Kung Fu Ireland is located in Newbridge , Co Kildare,Ireland.

At Shaolin Kung Fu Ireland  teaches Chan Philosophy through the core Shaolin disciplines of martial arts or action meditation: Gongfu (Kung Fu) Taiji Quan (Tai Chi) and Qigong (Chi Gong).  Students of all backgrounds, religions, ages, and athletic ability can train at Center. Students come to the Shaolin Kung Fu Ireland from all around the world to learn and grow from traditional Shaolin training. "Heart to Heart" and "Mind to Mind" and " Soul to Soul " is the essence of Shaolin Chan Philosophy -- and this system of training spans the differences between language and culture as a direct form of growth and understanding. Students find many paths to get to the Center; while some students seek to build better health and create a feeling of well-being, others may train for self-defense or flexibility, but there is a singular concept behind Shaolin training: Martial Arts and Chan Philosophy are one and the same.  


Shifu Shi De Xue a 31st Generation is a Disciple of ( Liu Tang Yi 劉唐逸 ) 30th Generation Monk Shi Su Xing his Shaolin Deciple name given to him by Abbott Shi Zhen Xu 29th generation Shaolin Monk of the Shaolin Temple. ( Liu Tang Yi 劉唐逸 ) 30th Generation Monk Shi Su Xing is a direct Deciple of Abbott Shi Zhen Xu -Shaolin Temple China .


Shifu Shi De Xue has studied under his teacher learning Shaolin treatments passed on by the great Master Shi De Chan Master Herbalist of Shaolin Treatments & Theropies and has also the opertuunity to spent some time training with Shi Su Xi also named by Shi Zhen Xu and the other of the three dragon Shi Su Yun, as a way to give Shaolin Philosophy to the world.


Shifu Shi De Xue  message, as he frequently states

" the Concept of ones Teaching is the Ability for others to Learn ". this has been passed to him from his Shifu ".


Shifu Shi De Xue had been away from teaching for some time  providing Personal Protection Services and Teaching Personal Protection Personal & BodyGuards from all over the world , he has now retired from field work and is now concentrating on teaching in his new Shaolin Kung Fu Ireland where he will be teaching traditional Shaolin & Shaolin Treatments along with his continuing Personal Protection Training and Courses in the Body Guard Industry. 


Shifu Shi De Xue also holds degrees in Taiji / Chi Gong

San Shou Chinese Boxing ( Sanda Kickboxing ) along with vast knowledge of Traditional Shaolin Herbal Treatments & Therapies and holds on site workshops and seminars in his Traditional Shaolin Treatment Academy . 
















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