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Chinese Lion Dance

The Chinese Lion & Dragon Dance Team performs Traditional Chinese Lion Dance.

Great care and attention to detail is given to ensure our performances

are always respectful to the art of Lion Dance and its traditions.

While our focus is Southern Lion (Fut San & Hok San styles),

we also perform Dragon Dance & Unicorn Dance

Team Leaders:


Our Lion Team Leader has over Forty years experience in the art of

Shaolin Kung Fu & Chinese  Lion Dance.

Two of our Senior members are Coach's to the :

Chinese Martial Arts & Culture Association 

​Chinese Wushu and Shou Association Ireland

We are Representatives in Ireland for the:

Songshan Traditional Shaolin Wushu Academy China.

Chinese Lion Dance Ireland  has extensive experience in Traditional Lion Dance and kung fu displays.

Our traditional Chinese performance arts will add that very special touch to any, Charity Fund Raising, Chinese New Year, Traditional Lion Dance Blessings for New Businesses, Weddings, Parties, Birthdays, Fetes and Community events and so forth...

Chinese Lion Dance Ireland’s  Traditional Chinese Lion Dancing and Shaolin Kung Fu / Wushu displays are available for hire. Our performances are creative, exciting and flexible and can cater for many different types of events, time schedules and special preferences.

Lion dance performances can range from between 10mins up to 40mins depending on the type of performance and of course as well as the style of greens put out for the lion. However, usually to get the best out of the performance it is usually best to keep the lion dance to approximately 20 minutes.

If would like to hire the our lion dance and kung fu team for various functions, whether that be a simple lion dance that is commonly seen in Restaurant or during the Chinese New Year festival to something more elaborate and extravagant, our extensive background and experience can tailor a performance to suit all needs and any event.

For more information of bookings, costs of hire and information on how we can help you please contact me.

Chinese Lion Dance Ireland Kung Fu & Lion Dance troupe like to wish everyone good luck, health and prosperity for the lunar New Year ahead.

Gung Xi Fa Cai (Kung Hei Fut Choi) – Happy New Year...!



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We are able to customize our performances to suit your needs.

See following pages for more information on dance routines.

Our Lion Team Team can perform on it’s own or together with the

& Dragon Team and Shaolin Kung Fu Display Team


Traditional Chinese Lion Dance History .


The Lion Dance dates back around 2,000 years, possibly to the Han Dynasty (206

BC-220 AD) and became very popular during the Tang Dynasty (716-907 AD). There

are many myths and legends about how the art form originated. Here are just a short

story about the origins of the lion dance.

Benefits of having a Lion Dance


• Auspicious• Colorful


• Entertaining• Crowd Attraction

• Exciting• Cultural

• Lucky• Vibrant

• Good Vibe• Unique


LION DANCE IS believed to bring



• Happiness• Good Fortune

• Longevity• Great Joy

• Prosperity• Protection

• Good Luck• Wards off evil spirits

• Good Health• Cleansing bad energy


• Grand Openings• Weddings

• Shop Blessings• Shows

• VIP Ceremonies• Opening Ceremonies

• Parades• Displays

• House Blessings• Concerts


• Festivals• Exhibitions

• Events• Workshops

• Birthdays• Promotions

• Restaurant Blessings• Product Launches

• Anniversaries• Movie Premieres

• Seminars• Music Videos

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