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Adam Lyons ( Accountant )

Hello Masters

Just want to drop you a line to say that you have changed my life . I have had asthma since my childhood and with having being on inhalers and such. I was put in contact with you by a friend and after being on your Lung , Asthma and Bronchitis treatment since Christmas have not used any inhalers for over 5 months 

Thank you so much .

Mary Barnes ( Teacher )

 I would like to say that your Liniment has made my arthritis so comfortable and much less painful and I have even much more movement it is a god send . I have recommended it to all my friends I even made a present of some to my sister too .

I will order more soon I still have a bottle .

again you are a god send .

Bobby Clarke ( Golfer )

Can I just say your product has made such a difference to my way of life ,I have suffered with my back a long time and it was somewhat painful after a round or two.

I had taken to using a cart but now after using that Tiger Jow it has made so much difference I so much enjoy my golf again .

My friends have asked me about it and I told them to try it too .

Thanks again Masters TCM.

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