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Authentic Rear Black Tiger Iron Palm Jow has100% grade A certified herbs and is concocted the old Masters Way and is a rear recipe from my herbal master Shi De Chan ( Shaolin Temple ) who entrusted to me along with so many other formulas which I had the honour to study under , is now available in 100mil bottles direct from 
Shaolin TCM Ireland.

This is a must for any Iron Palm , Body , Leg Practicioner  

Black Tiger Iron Palm Jow

SKU: BTL 001
  • This rare formula contains doses of  herbs which strongly open circulation, move energy to the hands, and continue the tendon,bone/sinew strengthening process. 
    This formula is also more effective than other Iron Palm formulas for giving the Iron Palm/Body Practitioner that extra double impact strike value .
    It has some similarities to our Pheonix Double Impact Jow but with that stronger strike on impact due to the combination and preparation of specially selected herbs which has an increasing popularity by those who practice large amounts of chi gong and energy circulation in conjunction with Iron Palm/Body training by promoting faster recovery time.

    Therapeutic Values:
    • Dispels Wind and Dampness
    • Opens peripheral channels and collaterals
    • Relieves coldness and pain (especially of low 
    back and knee , hands, shoulders , elbows 
    and ankles )
    • Breaks and dispels blood stasis
    • Breaks up stagnation
    • Stimulates and premotes activation for the
    circulation of blood
    • Relieves pain and initiates faster recovery. 
    • Antibiotic (strong)

    Everyday Uses
    • Used for Advanced Iron Palm/Iron Body training..
    • Relieves both acute and chronic pain due to arthritis and other join conditions/aliments 
    • Relieves numbness and spasms .
    • Helps premote better circulation and movment in old injuries or fractures, tears and strains that are stubborn and slow to heal
    only available fro Masters Dit Da Jows and Liniments Ireland.
    ( Shaolin TCM Ireland )

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