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Masters Diabetic Tea

Masters Diabetic Tea has a brand with some great benefits! This natural recipe is a blend of antioxidant rich herbs including Astragalus root which has been used for centuries in China to help balance blood sugar levels.

How to brew the perfect tea...Step 1. Find your favourite pot add one table spoon of tea from the resealable bag. Step 2. Add boiling water let brew for 10/15 you will see the rich color glow. Step 3. Fill your cup up. Step 4. Just relax and enjoy the essence from the herbs.
Tip: Keep the rest of the pot in the fridge to maximise the benefit from the tea.

each day fill your cup 2/3 add 1/3 hot water every day and enjoy up to 2/3 cups.

This product does not contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and no added sugar. Reseal pack after opening to preserve freshness. Keep in dry and cool places and away from odours and strong light.


GoJi Berry , Ginseng , Astragalus Root , Palmleaf Raspberry Leaf , Amur Corktree Bark

Contains 100% natural Organic Herbs per pack.

Masters Diabetic Tea

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