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Masters Weight Loss Tea

Product Code: MWLT001


Our Weight Loss Tea is perfect for clients that are looking to trim up naturally.The recipe is based on the well known Fei Yan tea which is China's most popular slimming tea and for generations, this recipe has been trusted for its natural weight loss and health enhancing qualities. This special blend has been formulated to help improve metabolism which may contribute to healthy weight loss.

this formula also contains herbs that help strenthren the Sinews , Ligaments and tendons in the lower extremities .

Drink 1-3 cups per day.

Start off gently with 1 cup per day for 3days progress then to 2 cups per day for 7 days the progress to 3 cups per day as your body gets used to it .

Do no exceed recommended daily intake.

All Herbs are Sulfur and Pesticide Free.

Contains 100$ Natural Organic Herbs


He Ye , Shen Zha , Si Gua Luo , Yi Yi Ren , Huang Qi , Gan Cao , Huai Nui Xi, Pu Erh Tea

Masters Weight Loss Tea

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