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Category : Formula that regulates Qi


Pattern : Phlegm - Cold Obstructing the Lungs with Kidney deficiency .


Key Symptoms: Cough and wheezing with watery copious sputum, a stiffining sensation in the chest and diaphragm , shortness of breath with laboured inhalation and smooth exhalation.


Secondary Symptoms : 

pain , weakness of the lowerback and legs , oedema of the extremities and fatigue.


Preperation : 

this needs to be prepared as a Decoction . ( Tea or Drink )

Actions :

diectsrebellious Qi doenwards , arrests wheezing , stops coughing , warms and transforms phlegm - cold.


This formula has beed added to our treatments for prevention of early and recovery stages ,it is very effictive in treating Asthma , Bronchitis , lung infections , respiratory tract infection. mild bronchitis (especially in children) , Exacerbation of chronic bronchitis and to releive nasal congestion and runny nose .



Masters Lung , Asthma & Bronchitis treatment

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