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Therapeutic values of this product :

Therapeutic Actions:

Dispels Wind and Dampness
Strengthens tendons, bones, sinews and tendons
Breaks and dispels blood stasis
Relieves coldness and pain (especially of low back and knee)
Promote the generation of flesh and healing of wounds
Breaks Qi stagnation
Invigorates circulation of blood and Qi
Relieves pain
Antibiotic (mild)
Strong blood-moving action

Opens peripheral channels and collaterals


We have prepared this formula using only Chinese rice wine and following the specific instructions to conseal the container during the initial duration of its aging. 

This is the iron palm formula of the famous Shi De Chan , Northern Shaolin Master and the famous Herbal Master. This formula includes some animal parts. 

All the Herbs in this Formula have been traditionally used to: Strengthen & Promote Healing of the Sinews & Bones, Remove Dampness, Unblocks Vessels, Relaxes Sinews, Unblocks the Channels, Alleviate Pain & Unblock Painful Obstructions, Disperses Cold, Invigorates the Blood & Dispels Blood Stasis, Strengthens  Chi, Warms the Channels, Reduce Swelling, Open the Nasal Passages, Promote movement of Qi, Protects the Skin, Expels Wind, 

Shaolin Dharma Ghost Jow

SKU: SDG 001
  • this product is for external use only , it is not to be taken internally .

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