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Developing hard External Force like the Iron Fist can be damaging to a Martial Artist. Appling Dit Da Jow Before & After Training to prevent or help heal any injuries. This External Liniment is useful for relieving training injuries like Bruises, Pain, Swelling, Blood Clots, Energy Blockages at the Superficial level, and other Traumatic Injuries Sustained through hard Force training or Sparring. It also helps to promote the proper flow of Qi & Blood as well as having several aromatic herbs to regulate the breath and release the Lung Qi. Necassart for proper breathing, but also to release the energy to the kidneys to strengthen the Sinews & Bones. A Powerful Formula for all Conditioning & Iron Skill Training. This Formula Has a Sweet Aroma & A Warming feel.



Therapeutic values of this product :

Invigorates circulation of blood and chi
Dispels Wind and Dampness
Relieves coldness and pain ( limes and back )
Promote the generation of flesh and healing of wounds
Breaks and dispels blood stasis

Strengthens tendons and bones
Opens peripheral channels and collaterals
Breaks Qi stagnation
Strong blood-moving action
Relieves pain


Shaolin Wu Jiang Iron Palm Jow

SKU: SWJ 001
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