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Ear Candling Treatment

Ear Candling Treatment

  • 20 min
  • 30 euros
  • Location 1

Service Description

Ear Candling (also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy) is a pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears, used to treat a variety of conditions. The ear candles induce a revitalising heat upon the head and ears, which soothes, relieves and relaxes. It is a deeply relaxing and calming treatment in cases of anxiety and stress. What Can it Treat? Ear Candling may not be the first thing that you think of to treat ear, nose and throat problems, however the candles are used to treat many ailments, including migraine and headaches, glue ear in children, catarrh, sore throats, sinusitis, tonsillitis, flu and excessive ear wax. Conditions that Ear Candling can improve and clear the problem: Compacted Ear Wax Glue Ear Tinnitus & Noises/Ringing in the Ears Rhinitis Sinusitis Colds Flu Sore Throats Hay Fever Catarrh Asthma Headache Migraine Regulation of Pressure in Ears & Head Stimulation of Blood & Energy Flow, Lymphatic System & Metabolic Rate Calming and Relaxing in cases of Anxiety and Stress

Cancellation Policy

All Deposits are non refundable if the event is cancelled less than 2 full days before the date booked. Please note if a confirmed booking is made and date agreed and it is cancelled on the start date we may look for the full payment as agreed when our services where booked .

Contact Details

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    + 353 852548358

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